IMF Zambia’s Extended Credit Facility Arrangement




01 Sep 2022


Washington, DC, United States



IMF Zambia’s Extended Credit Facility Arrangement
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Washington, DC --- 31 August 2022
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“Zambia is in a debt crisis. Economic growth has been weak, and the number of Zambians living in poverty has increased. But positive changes are happening. Zambia's government is taking bold and decisive actions to get its economy back on track, and the IMF stands with them. The IMF Executive Board has approved a three year 1.3 billion US dollar program to support the government's reform efforts under this program to help bring public debt back under control, Zambia's government aims to cut wasteful spending or spending that doesn't help the poor, such as fuel subsidies. At the same time, it will increase tax revenues that can go toward development. Spending on education and health care will go up, and more of Zambia's most vulnerable people will get money through the social cash transfer program. It's also crucial that the government spends every kwacha well. New laws and regulations around government purchasing and more transparency in spending will promote accountability and let Zambians see how their taxes are being spent. However, Zambia also needs a deep debt restructuring. That's where the G20 initiative to restructure debt comes in. Official creditors have already agreed to help reduce Zambia's debt. There is a long road to recovery, but with the backing of the international community, Zambia can get back on track and create a thriving economy that works for every Zambian. We are proud to partner with Zambia on this journey,”
Washington, DC – Recent

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